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Facebook Integrated

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So Facebook was a little easier to integrate than Twitter because they didn’t need my mobile phone number. Wait a minute, they got that a long time ago….

So now each post, page and update will not only be tweeted, but also be posted to our Facebook Page.

I suspect we will come back and adjust settings to better reflect a reasonable rate of posts, but for now we will decide on a per post basis.

OAuth with Twitter

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Interesting anecdote to relay as I integrate Twitter with WordPress.

Not only did I have to register my mobile phone # to allow posts to go straight to twitter, but I also had to ensure that the server for has the same time as Twitter’s servers (within some margin for error), otherwise OAuth does not work.

Anyhow the net result to  is that we will be auto-tweeting every-time we update the site.  Ha! I just saw a tweet from Randy working on the site.

This means a new page or post will also create a tweet (and next a Facebook post) to integrate with our social network accounts.

While we may post manually in those Social Networks as well, it’s nice to be able to integrate some automatic tweets in to our workflow.

Happy Auto Tweeting WordPress!

Manuscript done

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Very exciting news today that our final manuscript has been sent off to the printers.

Nothing left to do but wait… Actually we still are working on the PowerPoint and lab exercises. We are polishing off the working versions into final versions for distribution with the book, but really compared to the last year and a half we’re done!

It’s pretty exciting to see this all coming together. They’ve also updated the link at Amazon to reflect the cover art and title. You can pre-order Fundamentals of Web Development there now!



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