Pedagogical Elements

Web development courses have been called “unteachable” and indeed teaching web development has many challenges. We believe that using our book will make teaching web development significantly less challenging. To help make your web development course more teachable, we provide the following resources for teachers adopting this book:


Attractive PowerPoint presentations

A Powerpoint presentation is provided for each chapter. Each presentation is comprehensive, fully editable, and typically contains 75-125 slides.


Sample web development course syllabi

There are many ways to teach web development. This book provides instructors with several sample syllabi to help instructors navigate the tricky shoals of designing web development curriculum. One course, two course, and three course pathways through the book’s content are provided along with sample outlines.


Sample quizzes, midterms and final exams

The book comes with an ever-growing supply of multiple choice, short answer, and long answer exam questions suitable for quizzes or examinations.


Sample assignments

There are currently 17 different assignments available, of varying length and sophistication, with more being added every semester. All come with marking guides. Many come with sample completed solution.


Lab exercises

Step-by-step lab exercises are available for students. Each chapter has a matching lab on the Pearson Higher Ed site. The labs provide a way for students to learn and practice the content in the textbook in hands-on environment at their own pace.


Three comprehensive case studies

Images and databases for all the case studies are provided. The full download of all three cases is over 2 GB, and provides an unequaled resource for constructing your own assignments.


Solutions to end-of-chapter exercises

Each chapter ends with three student projects of progressive difficulty. These can be assigned as practice homework or even as weekly assignments. Full solutions are available only to instructors.


Additional case studies

Images and databases for additional case studies not covered in the book are also available. These additional case studies will also continue to grow.