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New JavaScript Chapters

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One of the biggest changes in the second edition of the textbook will be the significantly expanded coverage of JavaScript. The first edition (which we wrote in 2013) had one chapter on JavaScript and another chapter on jQuery. In the new edition, there will at least three chapters (and most likely four) on JavaScript. We have recently completed the first draft of two of these new chapters. You can find an outline of the chapter topics below.

Chapter 8 – JavaScript Language Fundamentals

  1. What is JavaScript and what can it do
  2. Where does JavaScript go?
  3. Variables and Data Types
  4. JavaScript Output
  5. Conditions
  6. Loops
  7. Arrays
  8. Objects
  9. Functions
  10. Object Prototypes

This is a lot of content for one chapter. Indeed, in comparison to drafts of other chapters in the (first edition) book, this is the longest of them all. It is currently over 70 pages!

Chapter 9 – Using Javascript

  1. The Document Object Model
  2. Modifying the DOM
  3. Events
  4. Event Types
  5. Forms

Below, you find a few preview images from Chapter 8.

Security and CMS ready

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Draft chapters of the Security and Content Management Systems are finally done.

Security was an especially interesting one to research and write, although I suspect I’ve landed myself on some NSA watch lists, given the terms I had to search for over the last few weeks.

It’s a fairly comprehensive look at matters related to web development security including an overview of how to protect against the most common attacks including SQL injection, Cross Site Scripting and more!

On to the hosting and administration chapter. (The end is in sight).



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