Draft of Chapter 2 Completed

By October 29, 2012 Chapter, News No Comments

Just in time for Halloween, I more or less completed the first draft of Chapter 2. This chapter covers most of the basics of HTML, a fairly big job, let me tell you!

One of the first things Ricardo and I had to do after we signed the contract with Pearson Ed was to decide who was going to be the primary author for which chapters. I drew the short straw and had the write the HTML chapter…

In all seriousness, it was a chapter I wanted to write. I knew that this first chapter was going to be partly an experiment: what I created in this chapter was going to provide a template that would be used for the rest of the book.

As any of you involved in the web development world already know, there are oodles and oodles of books on HTML already. What I was trying to achieve in this chapter was not to recreate the wheel, but instead to provide a concise summary of the current state of HTML that would be suitable for the target audience (i.e., computing students). This meant that the chapter was written assuming that the reader would be using an HTML5 capable-browser, not an unreasonable assumption given the actual publication date.

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