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Hi There,

My name is Ricardo Hoar, a professor of Computer Science & Information Systems at Mount Royal University (MRU) in Calgary. I’m starting this blog to let the world know about a textbook project I’m co-authoring with my colleague Randy Connolly, author of Core Internet Application Development with ASP.NET.

In the course of our scholarship and teaching our program in Computer Information Systems we came across a gap in the academic literature around web development. There are a great many books about some aspects of introductory web development to be sure. HTML, CSS and Javascript have been around a long time and the literature around these tools is well established. There are also many trade, or programming language focused books out there, as well as a handful on specialized topics.

What does not currently exist though is an academic textbook that could be used in a 2 to 3 course stream on web development. Something that ensures students leave with a mastery of the principals, best practices and practicalities of web development. This project aims to write that book, providing you with updates and thoughts along the way.

While a server-side programming language is needed to illustrate examples and guide students through the lab sections we have designed our book to span a range of language agnostic topics including authentication, session management and search engine optimization, to name a few.

While the first edition will use PHP and a LAMP stack as our environment our intention is to eventually develop a 2nd version using ASP.NET and a windows hosting environment.

We hope you join us along the way, send us suggestions, and generally enjoy getting the inside track on the Fundamentals of Web Development.

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