Reviewer Testimonials

"I've never seen another one book like this. It’s what I've been looking for and cannot find."

− Course Technology - Reviewer #5

"Too many books are shallow, in the sense that they seek to cover all the features with simple illustrations, but rarely show any large-scale development that integrates the various features. The authors are to be congratulated on three fronts. First, they write really well, in a way that conveys the concepts to students. Second they choose their diagrams wisely. Third, the page layout is fantastic! It is appealing and practical."

− Pearson Ed Reviewer #8

"We need a book that like this one that has both theory and practice AND offers pedagogical materials."

− Pearson Ed Reviewer #9

"I feel the author gave a good deal of thought to providing theoretical and practical information to make the learning successful."

− Pearson Ed Reviewer #6

"This book covers everything an Internet Specialist student would need for a number of classes. It could be used for Web Development I and II along with HTML and CSS courses."

− Pearson Ed Reviewer #2

"I feel this book is better than other (web development) texts. The authors do an excellent job of explaining concepts and topics. Impressive and useful graphics."

− Course Technology - Reviewer #1

"This is the only textbook on this topic that even comes close to what I need for my course. I would absolutely be interested in adopting this textbook. I just don’t see any weaknesses in this chapter. The authors’ approach is so different from what I’m used to, I’m just overjoyed!"

− Course Technology - Reviewer #4

"Based on the information in Chapter 10, I was very impressed with the authors discussion of sharing information and managing state. In fact, as I indicated above, they shed some light on that particular topic, which, among many web topics, is somewhat shrouded in mystery. Overall, the book looks like the one that has been missing from web development and design programs."

− Pearson Ed Reviewer #11

"I found this book visually easy to follow, which is great if you’re a visual learner (like I am). There are lots (and lots!) of diagrams, the majority being very helpful in explaining concepts."

− Amazon Reviewer

"As an instructor teaching web development at the university level, I am always on the lookout for textbooks that adequately cover modern web technologies. This one does and does it well. With all the new technologies that have appeared on the web scene in the last 3 years, academic publishers have had a difficult time keeping up with the fast pace of change. Fundamentals of Web Development is one of the few books that come with a full set of instructor resources, and that actually cover the material students need as a foundational knowledge base for today's web"

− Amazon Reviewer

"I've reviewed dozens of textbooks for use in my IT classes, but when I received a desk copy from the publisher, I was stunned at the wealth of content included in this book. Fundamentals of Web Development is exactly what I've been looking for. It's a keeper - I've adopted this one."

− Amazon Reviewer